Beanie Baby Hunger Games [VIDEO]
Whoever came up with this idea is GENIUS! The thrill of the Hunger Games plot with Beanie Babies playing the characters... I must say this is a MUST WATCH video.  I now know what I can do with all of those Beanie Babies I have had sitting in the back of my closet since 1999...
Our Future Leaders.. So Sad [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered who would be the next great leaders in the coming up years? I walk around UL campus sometimes and look at my fellow students and think could this guy sitting on the bench be the one to cure cancer?
What To Get The Person Who Has Everything?
Around this time every year when I am in the mist of my Christmas shopping and that certain someone pops up on my list. That person who is first in line for the new high tech gadget and is the one who is on the waiting list for the next big thing that person who makes my Christmas shopping ten times…