CJ’s Daily Message: 5 Fun Quotes About Dogs [VIDEO]
Tomorrow is national Take Your Dog To Work Day. From what I heard around the building today, tomorrow our radio station will be packed with dogs. So I thought it would be fun to find a few dog quotes from famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Andy Rooney, Will Rogers and more.
CJ’s Daily Message: Words From My Daughter Changed Me [VIDEO]
Recently, I was just outside of New Orleans to get some much needed rest. Hold up in a hotel room alone, by my own design. After a text conversation with my daughter Brittni, she convinced me to jump in the car and drive into New Orleans to walk around the French Quarter. She thought it would be …
CJ’s Daily Message: 5 Sayings To Make You Laugh [VIDEO]
Today's 'Daily Message' is designed to make you laugh. I'm taking a break from the serious to have a little fun. These are 5 sayings to make you laugh. We don't do that enough, laugh that is. So take a moment out of you crazy lifestyle, and have a laugh. I sure did.
CJ’s Daily Message: I Found The Best Skin Cream Ever [VIDEO]
I'm not into pushing products in my 'Daily Message' but I couldn't resist. Summertime is here and you'll be battling skin issues. Dry skin on your feet from wearing opened toed footwear like flip flops. Dry and sun damaged skin from not wearing appropriate sunscreen or du…
CJ’s Daily Message: Let’s Talk About Love [VIDEO]
You guys ask me to talk about love and for the life of me I don't know why? lol Seriously, I love hard. I love wide open, really no low or medium setting. So maybe you guys sense that, so let's give it a shot. Let's talk about love.
CJ’s Daily Message: Revenge And Karma
Does it feel good to get revenge on someone who's wronged you? Maybe for a minute. If you're a decent person, you probably end up feeling awful about it in the long run. And do two wrongs really make it right? Probably not. Maybe you should let karma take over and sit back and watch.

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