Lost dog

6 Years Ago, We Tried To Find Her Owner
It was 6 years ago today that Shannon found a little dog and, in turn, we set out to find her owner.
She was only supposed to stay with us until 1) we found her owner or 2) we found a good home for her.  Guess which one happened?
Owner Looking For Missing German Shepherd ‘Thor’
A man from Rougon, Louisiana (a suburb of New Roads) posted a picture of his missing German Shepherd, Thor.
Gregory Philips writes on the photo:
$1,000 Reward -- No questions asked.   My 4 year old male German Shepherd went missing on the morning of 5/6/2015 in the Glynn/Rougon area...
Puppy Found Near Lake Martin Needs Home
I am hoping that the puppy just wandered from home, but the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe someone didn't want the puppy and decided to drop it off to fend for itself.

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