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Lindsay Lohan Is Crashing Apartments Now, Not Just Cars
Lindsay Lohan was so humiliated that the world knew she was sleeping in her old teenage bedroom at mom Dina's house that she's resorted to crashing at a friend's penthouse in New York City rent free.
Because apparently that's a little less embarrassing for her. Okay.
Lindsay Lohan Can Ward Off Hurricanes Now
When she isn't busy not showing up for work, fighting with her dad or looking for a new publicist, Lindsay Lohan spends her time keeping the world safe from dangerous weather phenomena.
And if you silly people on the East Coast would just LISTEN TO HER, maybe you could stop boarding up your win…
Lindsay Lohan’s New Boyfriend is from Lafayette, Louisiana
According to a report in the New York Daily News, Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend and he is from Lafayette, Louisiana. He's Josh Chunn, a former UL Lafayette Ragin' Cajun Cheerleader, who is now living in Los Angeles, California. His fitness training website includes this bio:
Lindsay Lohan Tries to Quit ‘Scary Movie 5′
Lindsay Lohan is trying to make a comeback. Part of that comeback is her role in 'Scary Movie 5' where she was set to appear alongside Charlie Sheen. Except Lindsay Lohan just can't stop being Lindsay Lohan and the actress, despite trying to be on her best behavior, disappeared, skipped rehearsals, …
Is Recording With Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan has been making quite the name for herself recently, and it doesn’t involve her being late to sets or crashing Porsche’s. Instead, the troubled actress/singer has been hanging out with Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey and scored herself a role in Gaga&CloseCur…

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