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The Beebs Gets The Heaves On Stage!! (NSFL)
Okay, I hope that your lunch is good and down at this point, because I would hate for this post to cause sympathetic vomiting.  If you will take time to note, there is a NSFL disclaimer in the title (Not Safe For Lunch).
Did ‘American Idol’ Want Justin Bieber?!
It seems like everyone who’s anyone in pop and country music is in the running for the vacant judge posts on ‘American Idol.’ Diva Mariah Carey is the only judge firmly in place, as sole OG judge Randy “In It to Win It” Jackson’s future remains up in the air, dawg.
It’s ironic, since he’s Mimi’s mana…
Justin Bieber Causes Paparazzi Crash
Justin Bieber drives a Fisker Karma — and he may have inadvertently delivered some actual karma to some overly aggressive paparazzi. When two paps tried chasing Biebs down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, they wound up crashing into each other!

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