These Are The 50 Foods Each State Is Famous For
As Americans, and especially as Louisianians, we adore food. We know about the amazing food to experience here, but what do all of the other states have to offer, and what is Louisiana most known for in the foodie community? has done the research and has compiled "The 50 Foo…
Man Does $600 ‘Dine & Dash’ At Seafood Restaurant
When I was a kid, my parents made me wait an hour before I could go swimming after a meal. A man recently devoured over $600 worth of seafood and alcoholic beverages at an Australian restaurant, then ran down the beach and tried to swim away...
Seize The Deal: Blue Apache
Today's Seize the Deal is from Blue Apache, on Pinhook at the Youngsville Highway. While supplies last, $25 buys a $50 gift certificate at the Seize the Deal website!

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