Ultimate Dog Shaming [VIDEO]
This ultimate dog shaming video has received nearly 40,000 views to date and counting.  You'll see why when you watch it.
Ultimate Dog Shaming
A Break From Hurricane Coverage (Video)
Ladies and gentlemen, in the interest of maintaining your sanity, take a 45-second break from all of this hurricane coverage to watch this video.  I promise, it will bring a smile to  your face.
(WARNING:  Possible 'cuteness' overload - watch at your own risk)
My Nephew’s Internet Debut
My niece got married over the weekend (it was a great wedding: Ramsey was beautiful, John was as handsome as all get-out) and my nephew, Lil John, was part of the ceremony.
Before the ceremony began, we were backstage (oops!!  I mean, in the 'foyer') and they were getting Lil John dres…
Old Couple Bring Smiles To Clinic With Piano Duet
A couple go to a clinic and play an impromptu duet on the piano, bringing smiles to the faces of those who were there.  According to the original poster, they are 90 years old and have been married for 62 years.
(Via Youtube)
3-Year-Old Sings National Anthem
With all the flub-bub surrounding Christina-gate, I thought that this performance of our National Anthem would be a great way to forget about the controversy.
Top 10 Cute Pics

I know this look!
I get it from my dogs every time I eat popcorn!
Stumbled across this list today and couldn't stop going "awww" or "hahahaha!"
See if this brings a smile to your face:
Click here and enjoy!

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