What In The Hell Is This In CJ’s Backyard? [VIDEO]
In Judice,Louisiana I'm convinced there are creatures that Science hasn't discovered. When I walk out the back door, which faces about a mile of crawfish ponds, I have to look up, down, left and right to make sure nothing is about to jump out and get me. This regimen is not needed in the…
Look At What CJ’s Family Got Him For Father’s Day
This Father's Day is a special one for me. Last year my daughter was ill, and after that, my life changed. Many things that mattered a year ago, don't now. And many things that should have mattered but I didn't take time for, I do now. Nothing will keep me from my children now. N…
Why Is It So Hard To Get Packages Open [VIDEO]
You get a bag of candy, fish sticks, peanuts, etc., there's a tab to tear that gets you into the package. You tear the tab off and guess what, you still can't get to the food. The struggle is real.

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