CJ’s Daily Message: Fighting Frustration
Welcome back to the workweek. Debbie Ray and I was talking this morning about how it seemed like this weekend flew by. Hope you feel rested and ready to take on your week. Today's message is about not letting frustration rob you of your happiness.
CJ’s Daily Message: The Character Of A Person
It has been a beautiful Saturday. Today I went to a fundraiser in Cankton, Louisiana. It was gorgeous out in the country today. I was thinking about how many people who were making donations today and found a great quote from Abigail Van Buren along the same lines.
CJ’s Daily Message: A Lie Is A Lie
Oh how I love today's message. It's from the mind of Albert Einstein and it's simple but profound. A lie is a LIE. No matter how small or how big, a lie is a LIE. I'm always amazed at how people think if a person tells a small lie, they couldn't possibly tell a big one. …
CJ’s Daily Message: Mahatma Gandhi
Rain may fall from the sky today but that doesn't mean you have to walk around with a cloud over you. Today I deliver a message spoken by the powerful Mahatma Gandhi. If you speak negative thoughts out loud, they will eventually become your reality. If you think negative thoughts over and ov…
CJ’s Daily Message: Suck It Up!
We made it to Wednesday! Today my message is not a quote from someone famous, it's my message. I'm changing my mindset. You see, I've been having serious back problems. I'm in need of at least 2 surgeries but can't have them right now, long story. I'm finding mysel…
CJ’s Daily Message: Advice For 20-Year-Olds
As we close out a fun filled February 2018 and get ready to welcome in Spring, let's remember to enjoy life. Today my message is from a 50-year-old lawyer in Minnesota. She's given out 7 pieces of advice that she wishes someone would have given her at 20. These 7 pieces of advice will c…
CJ Message Of The Day [February 25, 2018]
How's your Sunday? Are you alone? Do you like being alone? There's nothing more empowering than loving your own company. That may sound weird, but think about it. Imagine how much more you'll be able to enjoy others if you enjoy YOURSELF first.
CJ Message Of The Day [February 24, 2018]
I sure do hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I think today's message will set you free. Free from the opinions of others and allow you to be free of what others say and think. The roar of freedom is the greatest feeling.
CJ Message Of The Day [February 22, 2018]
Have you ever failed at something and had trouble bouncing back. Divorce, being fired, a project that didn't' go the way you wanted it to go, whatever the failure do NOT let it take you down. Never let failure steal your smile.
CJ Message Of The Day [February 21, 2018]
Today we heard of the passing of Reverend Billy Graham, a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today's 'CJ Message Of The Day' is a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today we explore the "measure of a man".

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