What Would Barbie Look Like As an Average Woman?
We all know that Barbie is not even close to representing a natural, or achievable feminine body image. When Mattell introduced Barbara Millicent Roberts to the public in 1959, her dimensions were such that had she been life sized, her measurements would have been 36-18- 38. Her physique has been mo…
Barbie Without Makeup Is Not a Morning Person
Barbie can't help but looking perfect. She's manufactured that way.
But what if the doll that has been setting unrealistically high beauty standards for girls since 1959 was a real person? (Yes, this is has been tried before by human Barbie imper…
Barbie and Ken’s Elaborate Wedding Album [PICTURES]
Wedding photography isn’t always terribly original — flip through the albums of a dozen couples and you’ll usually find many of the same shots and poses (hey, if it ain’t broke).
French photographer Beatrice de Guigne has knowingly captured the essence of the modern wedding album in a shoot with ever…

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