Jan Risher -

My husband and oldest daughter spent last week in cool ocean breezes San Diego offers each and every June. Meanwhile, Piper, our 10-year-old daughter, and I ran from one air-conditioned enclosure to another and spent what time we could in a swimming pool, doing our best to survive June in Louisiana.

But last week was hot about more than just temperatures. When the Supreme Court handed down its decision on healthcare Thursday, political heat seemed to seap through to every person I knew.

Including Piper.

On our way home that day, she prompted the first of at least nine discussions with me in her effort to wrap her head around national politics, specifically understanding the difference between Republicans and Democrats/conservatives/liberals. I did my best to explain in the right amount of detail. I also explained that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Then I hit the “It's usually better to keep political thoughts to yourself” part of the conversation good and hard. In fact, I asked her not to bring it up with her friends, afraid that it would lead to no good.

After our third discussion, she sat quietly and said, "I wonder when other kids' parents have The Talk with them.”