According to the Daily Advertiser, Derrick Comeaux, a student teacher at Carencro High School, says that he was told by the principal to take his belongings and leave the school property.  A school resource officer was there to assist in his departure.

Comeaux had spoken out Wednesday evening at the Lafayette Parish School Board meeting, concerning discipline problems within the parish system, and he believes that he was asked to leave the campus because of his comments (which, to my understanding, did NOT mentions names OR specific schools).

I am curious to find out from where the directive to have him leave came.  Was it from the school board?  Did it come from the principal?

I know educators in Vermilion Parish, and they tell me that while discipline problems there have increased, they hear that it's nothing compared to Lafayette Parish problems.  They also tell me that they believe the teachers' "hands are tied", because if the teachers send too many students to the principal's office for discipline, it will reflect poorly on the teachers (as if the teachers can't handle their students).

How do you feel about Comeaux's "dismissal"?