I'll be rooting for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. It's interesting to ask people why they support a given team. Here's why I'm supporting the "Orange Crush" (If you're old, you remeber when they were called that.)

This is all very inter-connected for me. I've been a Giants fan since childhood. I moved to Louisiana while Archie Manning was playing for the Saints. Did you know his dad was a Giants fan? With Eli playing for the Giants, whose home stadium the game is being played in, and Peyton playing for the Broncos, I DON'T want Seattle to win this game.

I lived in Denver for a couple years, along with several family members. The first NFL game I ever attended was an AFC championship game at Mile High Stadium. In those days, the Broncos & Seahawks were division rivals in the AFC West.

I hate the Seattle Seahawks! Just in case I haven't made myself clear, I hate the Seattle Seahawks. They've eliminated the Saints from the Playoffs twice in the past four years. I also hate their coach. I feel he wrecked the football program at USC.  I'm not particularly a Trojans fan, but I feel he did a tremendous amount of damage to the game overall. Who are you rooting for, and why?