Politics usually has a way of putting a wedge between people, and it seems that the Affordable Health Care Act is one of those hot-button subjects.

Of the people that I have spoken to, most who are in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act are either A) staunch supporters of President Obama, or B) unable to obtain health care (well, that's a no-brainer).  On the other hand, most of those who oppose the act are either A) staunch Republicans or B) business owners who feel they will experience a negative "Bottom-line" effect come 2014 (or a combination of the two).

Both sides cite 'numbers' that show that either the Affordable Health Care Act will be a benefit to the nation or a detriment (it all depends on how the numbers are 'spun').

I don't know how YOU feel about the Affordable Health Care Act, but I am aware of how one business owner feels - he makes his thoughts public with this sign:

By idiots, does he mean "Congress"?? (Photo by John Falcon)


What affect will the new plan have on your business?  On your family?  Share your thoughts with us!