After being closed 6 months for a multi-million dollar renovation, the Cajundome is reopening with the first event being UL basketball tomorrow night. From a re-coated roof, to new concession stands, to a completely newly designed arena, the Cajundome is reborn but remember it's roots.

No way can you go into the Cajundome now and not know it is owned by the University of Louisiana Lafayette.  There are tributes to UL basketball legends both past and present.

All new seats in the bowl, a new video and audio system, even a new state of the art lighting system.  The Cajundome has been, and will remain, a respected concert venue for Southwest Louisiana and will now be able to compete with newer venues in Shreveport and New Orleans.

The Cajundome still has a ways to go.  Upper level concession stands will be renovated later, so will the upper level ceiling and if you notice, the external roof of the Cajundome is much whiter than the original roof.  That's for LED lighting that will come later as the budget allows.  (However, as we took a media tour earlier today, we could see what looked like cables circling the perimeter of the outer roof connected to boxes.  Which means, the LED lighting could already be in place and they want to surprise everyone)

From the newly raised roof in the main floor lobby, to the broader selections of beer and eats in the concession stands, to the newly renovated bathrooms, to a completely new bowl interior, you will love your new Cajundome.

The seats seem a bit more narrower than the old seats, but they look so much better.  The black and gray tones allow for the Cajundome to create total black out conditions.  Even the handrails now go up to the top of the 3rd level where they did not before.  The fire protection system has also been improved.

Greg Davis, General Manager of the Cajundome, reported there are plans for a Cajundome Convention Center expansion, a Cajundome Theater out where the marquee is now, a parking garage and even a new hotel.