Maybe you have seen the debris left from an automobile accident on the side of the road, a bumper on the side of Highway 90, or glass shards glimmering in the sun at an intersection on Johnston Street.

Most tow trucks and some police vehicles assigned to the traffic enforcement division are prepared for such debris, equipped with 'shop brooms' and such to clear debris to allow traffic to flow again.

I don't know of any police car or tow truck that would be prepared for this:  the aftermath of an overturned egg delivery vehicle.

Having worked in radio (and giving traffic updates) for 20 years, I don't recall anything that really stands out in my memory of things spilling on the Acadiana By-Ways.  The occasional truck that loses its load on Highway 90 or on I-10, but nothing that would raise a stink like the omelette-fest pictured above.

Can  you imagine driving under the interstate and have a load of lumber come raining down on you?

Here's a video from a Louisiana State Police vehicle's dashboard camera of an 18 wheeler carrying a large steel beam for the Huey P. Long Bridge project as it overturns in a curve.

And now, for a little Autobahn fun:  this guy was cruising along in an Audi, obviously really cruising along at a high speed, when the back wheels start to try to pass up his front wheels.  Miraculously, he saves it.

Have you ever been on the Autobahn in Germany?  Don't tell my buddy Bob Cole, but he had me drive his Toyota Supra to the PLDC site to pick him up one afternoon.  At about 145 MPH (I was just getting comfortable) a Porsche blows by me like I was standing still.  I was so worried about not running into the back of a vehicle I was not paying attention to what was happening behind me.  Scared me enough to slow me down to 130.

What's your Autobahn story??


(Via Reddit and Youtube)