Middle school children in Long Island, NY won't be able to play with footballs or soccer balls during recess.  Just more validation, America ain't what she used to be.

Not only has the school banned certain sports equipment like footballs and soccer balls due to safety concerns, the school has decide that children during recess can no longer play tag or perform cartwheels unless supervised.

The local school superintendent says the rules were initiated due to injuries on the school playground.  Children at the Long Island school are not happy, and who can blame them.

Now you may think the parents of these children are beating down the principal's door to complain, well not really.  Many of the parents are the reason for the changes.  They say the rules have to be in place to protect the children from injuries which are on the rise.

I wonder if these parents or the type parents that give the baseball team, that lost every game, a trophy?  Oh wait, they can't play, their balls have been removed.

[Via:  Huffingtonpost]