The New Orleans Saints are a VERY good football team. In spite of a very difficult schedule, I predicted 12 wins before the season. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

Divisional games in the NFL seem to have a certain “something extra”.   Yesterday’s  30- 27 win over the Carolina Panthers was no exception. It was a dogfight. I hold the belief that tough, close games are the true measure of how good you are.

When Roman Harper hit Panthers’ receiver Steve Smith late after a 54 yard touchdown in the first quarter, I posted on my Facebook page, “Stupid Play”. Smith did an end zone “dance”, and a fight

 broke out. Harper was greeted on the Saints’ sideline with multiple high-fives. Later in the afternoon, my brother and I were discussing the game, and he took a very different view than I had.  He said, “I thought it was great! That kind of thing fires a team up! Smith’s a Hot Dog…What did he do for the rest of the game?”. He had a good point. Smith’s production for the remainder of the game? Two catches for a total of 25 yards.