He strongly criticized couples that choose not to have children, but raise pets instead.

A lot of people in the world have been excited about the new pope's outlook: forgoing the normal glitz and gold for the down-to-earth denim and stainless.  His comments about loving the sinner, hating the sin have put new life into many who felt alienated from the church, giving them hope in what they find to be a lost religion.

Even though he has professed his love for cats, the pope's recent comments might not sit well with animal lovers and those who want to remain childless.

According to a blog posted today, Pope Francis made comments to 15 couples at a special couples mass at the Vatican, in which he told them that they were "required" to have children.

According to the story,

He went as far as to tell the dog owners that they have been influenced by a culture of “well-being” that says life is better without kids.

The story also made reference to a recent drop in the birth rate, a rate that needs to stay high to keep up congregation populated.

How do you feel about the recent comments?  Will the pope's words influence your life decisions?