Don't believe everything you read:  story entitled "Over 150 Frozen Sharks Found Along Gulf Coast As Winter Storm Hits Region" is complete and utter malarkey.

The story appeared on Tuesday, and has been making its rounds on the internet, mainly through Facebook.  Even some of my friends were duped into believing...

The story is from the Arkansas Rock City Times, "Arkansas' 2nd Most Unreliable News Source", so that should have been your first clue.  One quick glance at the Photo-Shopped shark on the main image of the story should be enough to tell you that it's not real;

"Frozen" shark (Rock City Times)

lines like

We have already seen one fatality from an individual trying to take a selfie with a frozen shark. We hope to recover his head later this week.”

anyone with their wits about them would know that this story is fake.

The last line of the story reads

The winter storm is expected to clear out of the area tomorrow and area schools hope to reopen sometime in April.

April showers bring may flowers; January ice brings stories not-so-nice... (give me a break, it's the best rhyme I can come up with on short notice...)