On Wednesday, I saw that Scott Alan Stagg had posted a reminder about Open Mic Night on his Facebook page. 

Scott Alan Stagg has been playing music around Acadiana for many years, and he is good!  His voice, his guitar playing style and ability and his passion for music really makes it a joy to listen to him play.

Scott also used to work at KTDY back in the day, but he now has the awesome gig of being able to host Open Mic Night at Bisbano's on Wednesday nights.  This week's talent wasn't lacking!

Sarah Cowart (Staff Photo)

When Sarah Cowart came up, and she played several songs, but one really caught my ear.  It was "Opals, Rubies, & Tourmaline", which was written after the death of her mother:

Lights down low and you fade away,

While I'm stuck in the place that you've never been

You're in your dreams and I'm bathed in gray

Lost in a world as I watch it spin


I want you to know, I never meant you any harm

It was never my intention to be swallowed by the dark

Sarah tells me that the song was "for" her husband and kids, written after she realized that she had almost been consumed by the grief.  She says that her songwriting is still an emotional and creative outlet, but as she matures she pays more attention to the cohesiveness of the songs and to the way they sound.

The next artist was John Broussard from Abbeville.  John really impressed me with his song writing and his singing; great lyrics, great composition, and decent guitar skills!

John Broussard (Staff Photo)

John's lyrics and style reminded me a lot of Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20; not so much in the sound, but in the way the songs were crafted.

I had a chance to speak with John and his dad for a few minutes after he played, (we have some Vermilion Parish friends in common!) and he couldn't have been a nicer guy.

I continue to be amazed with the talent we have in Acadiana, and look forward to seeing more of it!  Y'all keep up the great songwriting, and maybe we'll see you again at Open Mic Night!

(Via Facebook)