The year was 1971, the I-210 bridge in Lake Charles had been open 9 years when on a trip to Galveston, TX Greg DeMarie decided he would take a dare, and go down the I 210 bridge on a skate board.

The bridge is part of what's known as the Lake Charles Loop. The Israel LaFleur Bridge is a concrete pillar vehicular bridge, it is named after Israel LaFleur, who spearheaded the project to build it.

DeMarie was 17 years old, it was early Sunday morning, he was in the car headed out of town when he took a dare to skateboard down the I-210 bride. He said, "I took that dare and 57 seconds and 52 miles an hour later, I was at the bottom of the bridge, and then I went back up and did the other side, too. This video was the original run, and after this I did it over 10 more times. Nobody has ever done it, and nobody will ever do it again, and that’s a dare!