Older women are more confident in a bathing suit.  Take that young people.

A poll found that women age 55 and older are the most confident in a bathing suit! And amazingly, six out of 10 women felt the best about their bikini bodies after they turned 59.

The tables really turn when it comes to 18 to 34 year olds.  Only one in five women aged 18 to 34 feels confident in beach attire.

As far as men go, 7 in 10 men age 45 are more comfortable in a swimsuit.

The study found that overall, older people feel more comfortable in a bathing suit.  Experts feel that maybe it's because by the time a person reaches middle-age, he/she is secure in who they are and don't really care if they don't look like the people on magazine covers.  Middle-aged people also know what clothes to wear to flatter their bodies.

[Via:  Daily Mail]