The picture of the puppy stopped me dead in my tracks:  this puppy looks exactly like my dog Violet!  And when I read the story, it made my heart hurt thinking of all of the puppies and dogs that are put down each year because of over-population, negligence and ignorance (the owners, not the dogs, of course).

I, for one, am going home to hug my dogs after reading this, and will encourage ALL dog owners to spay/neuter their pets.  And finally, NEVER buy a dog, but always rescue!  There are tens of thousands of dogs in Louisiana alone looking to be adopted.

Hundreds of people across the nation and beyond are trying to adopt a puppy in Sulphur, Okla., that survived an attempt to euthanize it.

Animal Control Officer Scott Prall arrived at the local animal shelter at the end of his shift Feb. 18 where he found six or seven malnourished puppies.

His supervisor instructed him to kill the dogs because the local shelter was overcrowded. There were 22 dogs in a facility with only 12 cages.