I’m afraid to even mention this…

A study has found a link between women’s weight gain and…housework.  The research finds that one reason women today are heavier now than in the past is because they do fewer chores like vacuuming and laundry.

The average American woman spent more than 25 hours a week doing housework in the mid-1960s than now.  That number had decreased to around 13 hours a week in 2010- which works out to significantly less physical activity and, as a result, 360 fewer calories burned per day.

Even worse, women today spend twice as much time in front of a TV or computer than their predecessors.  Previous studies have found that in the last 50 years, the number of American workers who sit down at their jobs has increased, with more people working in offices instead of doing manual labor.

This has resulted in 150 fewer calories burned per day for the average U.S. employee.  Of course, the health effects of too much sitting have been well documented.  This latest study has sparked controversy, with critics saying it reinforces outdated gender stereotypes by suggesting women belong in the home doing chores.

I personally think it has nothing to do with gender…men and women in general just need to be more active, this guy working behind a computer most definitely included!