l make no secret of the fact that I enjoy NFL Football. I prefer attending the games to watching them on TV, but that gets a little costly.
The NFL has contracts with 5 TV newtworks, providing plenty of televised games every week, not to mention a LOT of revenue for the league. We can watch NFL Football on Sunday, Monday & Thursday nights in addition to Sunday afternoon.


It's hard for me to stay up & watch televised football on weeknights.
The NFL is reportedly disappointed with the level (or lack) of interest in its televised Thursday night games. What's their proposed solution?... Dilute already lukewarm interest by adding a second game?
NBC Sports reports the league is considering Thursday night doubleheaders. This sounds like a stupid idea to me. What's the plan, sell the second game to a network in competition with the league owned network?...Have an early east coast start & a later one out west? Thursday games shorten time for teams to prepare, and players to recover from injuries. This will serve only to degrade the quality of the NFL's product, and begs the question, "How will this heighten fan interest?"