If you haven't been to the new Tokyo Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar, you owe it to yourself to go!  The prices are reasonable, the dishes are not the same 'ol - same 'ol, and the atmosphere is really cool!

As soon as you walk in, you will, appreciate what Tom (the owner) has done with the place.  Reach back into your not-so-distant-memory banks:  Bennigan's, then some other place, then Tilted Kilt. . .  none of which lasted too long.  Well, I have a feeling that Tokyo will go the distance!

My first visit started with the Chilean Sea Bass entree:  sea bass delicately grilled, served with delicious/beautiful garnish, pleasing to both the eye and the pallet!

Then came the Perfect Magic:  Grilled Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon.  O.  M.  G.

Next, they asked me if I wanted A) Dessert or B) Sushi.   "B, please"!

Just look at it!!  Incredible!!

Now, get this:  I had this for lunch on Monday.  I was SO impressed with the place, I called Shannon and told her that we were going out for dinner Monday night.  She was duly impressed!  (And we didn't even get to the Hibachi!  They have Hibachi!!)

We sat down and spoke with Tom, the owner, and he was telling us about his Happy Hour prices....  the nominal "2fer1" on House Drinks and Bottled Beer.  The Menu Happy Hour is what REALLY got my attention:  %15 off, ACROSS THE BOARD!!  Everything on the menu, including Hibachi, %15 OFF!!  That, my friends, is a deal!

Oh, for those who don't/can't remember the location of Bennigan's (too much green beer, perhaps?), it was on the corner of Johnston and Ambassador.  It's where the new Tokyo Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar now resides.  Newly remodeled, great food, great prices, and they've got a fountain coming out of the wall, into the floor, and across the restaurant.  Pretty darned cool, if you ask me!