It's being called, 'Netflix for nail polish' and women are lovin' it!

Lacquerous, is an online service that lets members choose from 70 shades of nail color from luxury brands like Chanel and Tom Ford.  For a flat rate of $18 a month, you can “rent” three polishes and use up to three coats of each.  And get this, it's all based on the 'honor system'.

What you do is, you build a 'Lust List' on the Lacquerous website, and you receive your favorite colors in the mail.  Lacquerous will even send you a prepaid mailing envelope to send the bottles back when you're done.

When I first heard about this, all I could think about was how unsanitary this must be.  But there is no need to worry, the company claims bacteria can’t survive in the bottles.

[Via:  Time Style]