October 2nd is National Name Your Car Day, and my Jeep does not have a name!

There have been lots of great names for cars, from Knight Rider's "Knight Industries Two Thousand" (KITT), the Duke boys' "General Lee", Monster Trucks have "Bigfoot" and "Grave Digger", and the #53 Volkswagen was named "Herbie", but my Jeep does not have a name!

JayCee's Jeep 4 (Photo by John Falcon)

I bought my Jeep in 2003. It's a '04 model, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It has a lift kit, 35" tires, a winch, a spare tire cover that says "Only In A Jeep". It has a great sound system. It has air conditioning. It has a hard top and a soft top. It has an "Outcasts" sticker on the windshield (one of the Jeep clubs of which I am a member). It has lots of things, but my Jeep does not have a name!

JayCee's Jeep (Photo by John Falcon)

It's yellow and black (for the most part), so I could call it the "Bumblebee". Or "Stinger". Or "The Rolling Banana". I like to climb hills with it, so it could be called the "Yellow Jeep That Could", but none of those capture the real essence of my Jeep.

So, I need your help: what would be a good name for my Jeep?

And, in your opinion, does a vehicle need a feminine name? Or can it have a sturdy, manly name like "Fred" or "Bruce" or "Sebastian"?

Go ahead and throw names my way, one of them is bound to fit.

JayCee's Jeep 3 (Photo by John Falcon)