My father's birthday was Friday, so I told him that I would spend the morning with him today and barbeque some pork steaks.  After lunch with Dad, I took my first 'Road Trip' since I got a motorcycle.

The motorcycle isn't officially mine yet; my cousin is selling it, and he said that I could ride it to see if I liked it.  We agreed that, if I liked it, I'd buy it; if not, no harm, no foul: he would take it back and sell it to someone else.  I don't think he needs to worry about that now.  I get it.  I understand.  I have been bitten by the motorcycle bug!!

My friend Tony (who also has a Harley) met me in Abbeville at 1:15 today, and we decided that we'd ride to Holly Beach (he had never been).  I was to lead, since I knew the way (I mean, how hard is it to get to Holly Beach?  Go to Abbeville, turn south on 82.  End of directions!)

The first stop was at John's Trading Post (we took shade under the tree that is still standing at John's old location).  I told Tony about how devastated the area of Big Woods and Esther and 7th Ward was after Hurricane Rita, and how the first video from this area showing the storm surge was from a house just a mile or so west, and how (most) people had their homes raised to prevent future flood damage.

Our next stop was Pecan Island (High) School.  When I explained what was inside of the metallic building that was attached to the west side of the school, Tony asked "What do they need one of those for??  They just have to walk across the street!".

Pecan Island (High) School.... or at least it was a 'high school' when I knew it....

Our next stop wasn't until we got to Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge.  We turned just before Joseph Harbor and rode down to the locks.  I told Tony about spending so many weekends in that area during the summers when I was a kid, crabbing and fishing.

Next was Rutherford Beach, where this fashion/action/very embarrassing photograph was taken:

Don't ask why: it just seemed like the think to do at the time!

Tony, I found out today, had not only never been to Holly Beach: he had also never been on a ferry!

Tony on the Cameron Ferry

Then it was on to Holly Beach!!  (I tried to explain what Holly Beach was like before the storms wiped it out, but it's hard to describe a "joie de vivre", ya know?)   I do know what it looks like when you forget to bring a tent to Holly Beach; this gang of friends (from Kaplan, Forked Island and Maurice) took a breather from the sun in the only shade they could find!

Car/tent! (Tent/car??)

We rode the motorcycles on the beach for a few blocks, and then headed back towards the highway.  I asked if he was ready to head back, and he pointed left, asking "what's that way?"  I said "Texas, you wanna?"  He grinned, and I turned left....

Everything is bigger in Texas!

We stopped in Bridge City, Texas for supper at Tequila's, and then (almost unceremoniously) hopped on I-10 for the ride home.

So, there you have it: a few pictures from my first motorcycle "Road Trip".  The only thing that I couldn't capture on film was "the feeling".

I didn't know what "the feeling" was until it all came together today:  the wind, the road, the sights, the smells... the "freedom".  Now, I get it.  I really get it.

Oh and, please, watch for motorcyclists!!  There's a new one today...