A new survey by the Josephson Institute of Ethics shows a shockingly high percentage of American youths admit they lie, cheat & steal. 

But... there is also good news... 89% say they believe being a good person is more important than being rich.

The Josephson Institute operates character based programs in schools conducting this survey every two years.  The Survey focus is on values and ethical actions of more than 40,000 American youths.  Also in their findings;

-Nearly 1-in-3 boys and 1-in-4 girls say they stole from a store within the past year.  21% of all youths polled say they stole something from a parent or family member.  18% admit they've stolen from friends.

-More than 2-in-5 youths said they've lied to save money.  48% of those respondents were boys and 35% were girls.  More than 80% of both boys and girls said they've lied to a parent about something significant within the past year.

-59% of boys and girls polled say they cheated on a test during the past year.  34% have done it more than twice.  1-in-3 say they've used the internet to plagiarize content for school assignments.

-92% of kids were satisfied with how they viewed themselves.

-More than 1-in-4 say they lied on at least 1 or 2 of the actual survey questions.