Monday is veterans day and it is really sad that in this country we haven't taken care of these heroic men and women.  This is a story about one homeless vet who was found by volunteers that took him off the street for a complete makeover.  These wonderful people gave one man the will to go on by just giving a little of their time.

No veteran in this country should be homeless, but unfortunately it's a reality.  These men and women are abandoned by this country and forgotten by society.  It is really really sad.

One group of volunteers found a homeless vet, cleaned him up, cut his hair, gave him new clothes and a new lease on life.  In this time-lapse video you will see his transformation from beginning to end.  Stunning!

Since this video, Jim, the homeless man, has taken control of his life.  And the only think it took was caring people who gave him a few hours of their time.  Bravo to people who do these acts of kindness.

This Veteran's Day donate to Degage Ministries to help other homeless veterans: