Adam Pye, 26, dug a huge hole in the sand at St. Francis state beach south of San Francisco Monday, and things went horribly wrong when it caved in.

Pye decided it would be fun to dig a huge hole on the beach, so he did it.  He was standing at the bottom of it when the walls caved in on top of him.  He screamed and about 40 people including friends and family rushed over and used buckets and their hands to try to dig him out.  The fire department arrived within 5 minutes and used 30 firefighters to dig him out.  His head was exposed a little less than 15 minutes into the ordeal.

Pye was buried in the 12 foot hole for under 15 minutes and after the efforts of many, was found dead at the bottom of the hole he'd dug.

[Via:  NBC]