This morning, my cell phone rang from a Lafayette number I didn't recognize.  Before I could answer the phone, the caller hung up.

I took to the internet and saw that the number was coming from the Lafayette Police Department, so I wrote it off as an errant dial/call.

Then I get this warning from the Louisiana State Police:

Troopers Warn Against Fraudulent Arrest Warrant Phone Calls

That showed up in my "Press Release" email folder, so I thought that I would share it with you so as you don't fall victim to the scam.

The press release describes the scam:

Impersonators contact the home or cell phone of potential victims by using a call that gives the appearance of originating from Louisiana State Police or possibly another local law enforcement agency.  The fraudulent caller proceeds to address the potential victim by name and inform them that they or a family member has an arrest warrant and is wanted by Troopers.  Subsequently, in order to avoid arrest and/or imprisonment the victim must then call the provided phone number and make arrangements for payment.


Louisiana State Police told us that Troopers will never call to ask for payment over the phone, as this is illegal and subject to disciplinary action.

If you suspect that you have been contacted in this scam (or any other scam), call the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations at 225-925-1739.  You can also submit your complaint through the Suspicious Activity link on the LSP website.

I still think that the call I received this morning was dialed in error, but now I'm more informed, and will be able to spot the scam!

(Via LSP)