Louisiana recently showed up on a few lists, good and bad:

According to Rent.com, Houston is the best U.S. city for bachelors, however, New Orleans made the top 10.  Rent.com reports the cities that made the list have a high single female-to-male ratio, a vibrant nightlife, a low divorce rate and a low cost of living. Here are the top cities for bachelors...

1.  Houston                        6.  Los Angeles

2.  Chicago                         7.  New Orleans

3.  San Antonio                8.  Philadelphia

4.  New York                     9.  Washington, D. C.

5.  Miami                         10.  Baltimore

TripAdvisor has announced the winners of it's 2011 Travelers' Choice Destinations and again, of U.S. cities, New Orleans ranks 7th.

The bad news for Louisiana is that Sperling's Best Places has placed Shreveport, La. in the top 10 U.S. cities for disaster-prone metro areas.

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