I love that fact that there is a breed of dog named Catahoula, and that we have a town here in Acadiana named Catahoula.  I don't know why this tickles me so much (but if you call me weird, you won't be the first).

What does Catahoula, Louisiana and the Catahoula dog have in common?  I'm not certain, but I know that the Catahoula is the state dog of Louisiana, and that it is believed that the breed started near Catahoula Parish, in Northeastern Louisiana.

A dog that needs lots of exercise, loves to 'herd', and works best with a true 'master', the Catahoula are highly skilled at learning.  They do need a lot of attention and exercise, and when they don't get it, they will turn to digging, chewing and other habits that owners won't like.

Here is the video of the frisbee champion (he only missed 4 of over 200 frisbees that were thrown at the competition!)

(Via Youtube)