[UPDATE]  Not long after I posted this story, Tonny Touched called me back in a frenzy....  "JayCee, Josh just called me to say that he found a local business that  will match ALL donations that we get today and tomorrow, up to $1,000!!".  So, if you call Tonny to donate today or tomorrow, it's like you are donating twice as much!! (If you would like to make a monetary donation before they leave, please call 337-315-1537)

Louisiana Jeepers and Cajun Jeepers have held a few fundraisers and donation drives for the victims of the recent Oklahoma tornadoes.  This Friday, they are driving up there to deliver.

A plate-lunch sale, used/new clothing and toy drives and word-of-mouth donations resulted in 2 storage units full of clothing/supplies and over $5,500 for the cause.

Tonny Touchet, one of the organizers of the drive, said that every donation counts, whether it's a t-shirt or $500, EVERY donation counts.  Touchet said "Our monetary goal was $10,000.  We were hoping to help 10 families with a $1,000 donation to each.  We know that when you lose EVERYTHING, $1,000 isn't much, but it's a start.  We'll still be able to help 5 families with the monies we have raised, and probably over 100 people with all the clothing and other donations".

A few representatives of each Jeep club will be leaving Lafayette on Friday morning (August 16) to head to Oklahoma to personally deliver the collected items.  They will be stopping in Shreveport to meet up with a Jeep club there (to collect more donations and a few more Jeeps for the journey), and then again in the Dallas area (with Jeep clubs from Texas meeting up with them).  The plan is for dozens of Jeeps to roll into Oklahoma with the donations in tow!

If you or your company would like to help the Jeep clubs meet their goal of $10,000 before they take off on Friday morning, contact Tonny Touchet at 337-315-1537.