If you have never been to the Wild Salmon on Foreman Drive in Lafayette, you are in for a treat.

A classic hole-in-the-wall bar (with dollar bills, signed/decorated hanging all over the ceiling and walls), the Wild Salmon surprises and delivers from its eclectic live bands and open mic nights to its exotic burgers.

Last night was "Southerniers" and "Dead Leaves".  Don't let the names fool you;  the Southerniers (Aaron Johnson, Rachel Baum & Lyle Begnaud) are mostly from right here in Lafayette, playing a mix of folk/singer/songwriter/harmony/make The Civil Wars take notice/SouthernwithahintofJohnnyCash music that will have you at least tapping your feet.  The vocals blended together like a mixture of butter and honey, with an extra side of smooth.  (Come on, that's the best I can do!  They were great!)

The Dead Leaves, out of Nashville, had more of a bluegrass feel to their music, though Southern Rock is probably a better description.  Hints of Dylan and Young, blended with an urge to get back to the 'foothills', gave Dead Leaves "newbies" enough encouragement to buy their new album.  Yes, album.  Vinyl.  Sweet!

Just another reason I love living in Acadiana!!

Oh, and the Chicken/Jalapeno/Cilantro wrap was out of this world.


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