I am doing my best to not 'sensationalize' the stories that I post on our website (the rest of the web had the headline "Erin Moran Homeless"), and since there were no direct quotes from Moran, I thought that I would give the benefit of the doubt.

Erin Moran and Marion Ross (Frazer Harrison, Getty Images)

According to reports, Erin Moran has been kicked out of the trailer that she was living in in Indiana (say THAT three times really fast-fast), and that she has been hopping from motel-motel since.

I hate to see the stars that we 'grew up with' fall on hard times:  Erin Moran, Dana Plato, Danny Bonaduce, Mackenzie Phillips, Gary "Whatchutaklinboutwillis" Coleman, just to mention a few.  One thing that we must remember is that these people (and the others who are "stars") are still 'human', and are just as prone to success/failure as you and I.

I found a clip of Erin Moran on "Happy Days", ironically, she is trying to talk 'Chachi' into being more responsible with his life:




I hope to see Erin turn herself around (if she wants to); maybe a "Happy Days" reunion would help to make her days happier?

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