If there is one person on earth who knows how to rattle my chain better than anyone, it's JayCee.  Check out what he did to my brand new radio before I even had a chance to take it out of the box it arrived in.

Along with our engineer Matt, the annoyance accomplice, JayCee managed to get hold of a radio that I ordered and had just arrived in the mail.  The radio is bluetooth-ready, shock-resistant and waterproof.  But is it JayCee and Matt proof?

JayCee put batteries in it, connected it to Matt's iPhone, turned up the volume, THEN PUT IT BACK IN THE BOX, plastic and all as though it arrived playing.  JayCee started throwing it in the air and pretended to toss it at me.  Knowing what he is capable of, I thought he was going to really do it.