Today, just after noon, Lafayette Police worked a five-car crash with injuries in the 3800 block of Ambassador Caffery in front of Chic-Fil-A.   Eyewitnesses said the crash even involved a police car.

A few weeks ago, I was in the turning lane at that very location in the rain when I witnessed 5, count 'um, 5 near accidents in a very short span of time.  Horns blowing, people making obscene gestures to other people, it was chaos.  So I whipped out my phone and videoed a bit of the action for the KTDY website and Facebook page.  I openly admitted that under normal circumstances I would never video while driving, however I was in the turning lane just inching along.

The lashing I received was inconceivable.  The mean, vicious attacks were animalistic, if that's even a word.  Just horrible and vile remarks.  All because I videoed in the rain while "driving".  Oh, did I say that I was at a RED LIGHT?  But I digress.

The message I was trying to convey was totally lost.  Lost on those who couldn't see their noses in front of their faces.  The danger I ranted about was lost on those who thought I was attacking Chic-Fil-A and by those who thought it was because McDonald's sponsors the CJ and Debbie morning show on KTDY.

Let me tell THE reason and the ONLY reason I was trying to call this problem to Lafayette's attention....THERE ARE POSTED SIGNS THAT SAY YOU CAN NOT PARK ON THE PAYMENT in front of Chic-Fil-A.  If you decide to do so, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW just as someone who runs a stop sign, steals music from the internet or takes a candy bar from a store without paying...YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW IF YOU PARK YOUR CAR ON THE PAVEMENT in front of CHIC-FIL-A.  Period!

So anyway, today I posted the story on Facebook, as of yet, NOT ONE OF THOSE HATERS HAVE COMMENTED.  NOT ONE!

This was the situation in front of Chic-Fil-A today...

Ambassador Crash, KATC