As part of the Louisiana State HOG Rally, the Harley Owners Group put together a ride to Avery Island to visit the Tabasco facility.

A total of 69 motorcycles and 2 automobiles were part of the ride (the 2 automobiles were "support" vehicles, so-to-speak), with several of the riders coming from outside of Acadiana.

HOG Tabasco Visit (Staff Photo)

One of the stops was at Legnon's Boucherie to witness the making of boudin, and for free samples of boudin and cracklin.  There were some who were getting their first taste of the Cajun delicacies, and wondered why they hadn't eaten any before that day!

Once we arrived at Tabasco, many of the out-of-towners posed with their group at the welcome sign.

Welcome Sign at the Tabasco facility (Staff Photo)

There were individuals from all over the state, along with visitors from Mississippi and Texas.

HOG member from the Waco, Texas chapter (Staff Photo)

Our tour guide was very witty, but also knew the history of the McIlhennys very well.  She was able to keep the tour brief, informative and fun, full of one-liners and anecdotes.

It's not polite to point (Staff Photo)

After the tour, several of the HOG members rode across the street to Jungle Gardens to see the wisteria, Budda statue and wildlife.

Young alligator, just chillin' (Staff Photo)
Chinese Wisteria (I know that the botanical name of this plant is Wisteria Sinensis, thanks to Mr. Joey Hebert, agriculture instructor at Henry High School) Staff photo
A centuries-old statue of Buddha stands in the structure seen here (Staff Photo)

I have been to Avery Island in the past.  When I was in high school, I made a visit to Jungle Gardens, and again when I did a Freeze Party at Avery Island school, but I had never visited the Tabasco facility.  I am so glad that the HOG group put together this ride, because Avery Island is truly one of Acadiana's treasures, and deserves to be seen by all!

(Staff Photo)
Not an albino alligator; he was just covered with mud/dirt that had dried (Staff Photo)

Avery Island is an inexpensive, beautiful and fascinating place to visit, whether you are entertaining out-of-town guests or your Acadiana neighbors.  It's great for a group of kids or a family; a jog or a romantic stroll.  With its fauna and wildlife, it is truly a gem of Acadiana.