Hey there, KTDY listeners. It's Chris.

I hate flying.

I have no problem with the security. You wanna search my bags, my pockets, my shoes? Knock yourself out. You wanna scan me and see me naked? Go for it, they're your retinas, after all.

No, what I hate is the whole gravity-defying thing. I firmly believe that A) if God had intended for humans to fly, we'd all be from Krypton and B) "flying is the safest way to travel" is more sales ploy than proven fact.

The last time I flew, we hit some chop and one of the attendants said 'uh oh!.' That's like your doctor running a CAT scan on you and saying, "Huh. Never seen that before." Neither professionals get to think those thoughts out loud.

Anyway, I have to fly again for a business trip in a few weeks and I'd rather get a rectal exam from Freddy Krueger instead.

How do you feel about flying? If you hate it like I do, how do you deal with it? If you like it, what's wrong with you?! Let me know on Facebook!