Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Is it still a good idea to let your car run before putting it in gear?  And if the answer is yes, how long should it run before slamming into drive?

The answer is not yes, it's no.  In 2015, there is no need to let your car warm up before taking off.  Unless your car was made before the 1990's.  By then most cars had electronic fuel injection as manufactures moved away from old-style carburetors  Fuel injection systems compensate for the outside temperature.

The Washington Post just reported about a 2009 survey that found the average person lets their car warm up for about five minutes.  Totally a waste of time and gasoline.  The study proved that letting your car idle for just five minutes in low temperatures can increase your total fuel consumption by up to 14%.

Unless your car is over 30 years old, crank her up and take off.

(Washington Post)