Spring is here! Yeah, I know it isn't official for a couple more weeks. As far as I'm concerned, spring begins with the first DTA! of the season.

Before each season kicks off, the folks @ Downtown Lafayette Unlimited send the schedule out to area media, accompanied by a sign - up sheet for people interested in volunteering to "emcee", "host", or whatever term you care to apply. I thoroughly enjoy doing this, and I particularly enjoy doing the kickoff of the spring season. I hate winter!...even South La. winters.

There's always an excitement in the air for the spring kickoff. I'm inviting you to be part of it. DTA! will be in Parc International this Friday.  The music will be provided by the world's only all female brass band, the Original Pintettes. As in the past, concessions open at 5:30. The band cranks up at 6:00. PLEASE buy your concessions there!.......... Admission is free!  See Ya' there!