Ah, the Hot Pocket. How many of these specious snacks did a young Chris Reynolds throw down back in the day? It's best not to try and count, and I've been to therapy to erase the memories.

These days, I prefer the less-fattening Lean Pocket to the Hot Pocket, but it's always going to be the Hot Pocket that gets the most attention. So ingrained in the modern culture is the Hot Pocket that it was once famously immortalized in the comedy routine of stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan. If you've never heard of Jim or his Hot Pocket routine, you've not lived the fullest life possible, and I've included the video below for your entertainment.

Aside from this sort of free publicity, or maybe because of it (watch Jim's routine to see what I mean!), Nestle, which owns the Hot Pocket brand, is seeking to re-imagine and strengthen its image. "We do feel like it's time for us to change the perceptions of quality for the brand," Kevin Holmes, Nestle Brand Manager, told Advertising Age.

Click the link above to read how Nestle plans to "revamp" the Hot Pocket, including commercials featuring Snoop Dogg rapping "Pocket Like It's Hot" and new ads featuring Food Network chef Jeff Mauro explaining how Hot Pockets are made.