Tyrann Mathieu has been "from the penthouse to the outhouse." The former LSU cornerback had a stellar 2011 season that put him in contention for the Heisman Trophy.
His fortunes quickly turned when he was kicked off the LSU football team for failed drug tests, and was arrested for possession. Matthieu spent 2012 out of football.
The New Orleans native returns to his hometown Sunday as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.
The Honey Badger's friend and former LSU teammate, Patrick Peterson is a star cornerback with the Cardinals. They took a chance on Matthieu in the third round of the draft.
"Obviously, I have a chance in front of my hometown but I also have a chance to get everybody back on my side, those same people when those negative things happened said all those negative things about me."   - Tyrann Mathieu

Cardinals head Coach Bruce Arians said They've talked about distractions, and the player will have little opportunity to get into trouble this weekend.
The Saints are aware he's coming to town.
Drew Brees said, "The Honey Badger, are you kidding me? That was all anybody wanted to talk about around here. He was as exciting a college player as there was, so I'm very familiar with him and his abilities."

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Head coach Sean Payton had these comments, "He's someone obviously that has great instincts, just the hustle play he makes on the strip-fumble earlier in the year. He's someone who has a good feel for the game. He's got good football IQ, you can see that on tape. He also has good ball skills, so that's something that's stood out in two games."
I wish him well, but I'm not hoping he has a great game Sunday.