I took part in the practice of uploading an old photo of myself on "Throw-Back Thursday" on Facebook yesterday, and here is that photo.

Of course, "Throw-Back Thursday", along with (what seems like) 25% of all phrases on Facebook has been shortened; TBT.

My TBT photograph was in a box of old photographs that we discovered while we were sorting through what's left of Mom and Dad's lives.

I think that the photograph above was taken in the summer of 1975 or 1976.  It was one of the summer leagues, as the school in Henry didn't have baseball teams "sanctioned" by the school system at that time.  There were players on the team that didn't go to school in Henry, if I remember right.

What I do remember about playing baseball at Charlie Field in Erath was the $.25 Coca-Cola in the little, wax-lined paper cups.  And bubble gum for $.01.  And pickles for $.25!!  Oh, that and almost falling asleep in left field (I still do that sometimes - more now that I am getting older!!).

I don't recognize everyone in the picture (if you can place any names to the faces, feel free to comment and let us know who is who).  Can you pick me out?  I'll give a hint:  Good things come in 3's, and I had 12 of them!

One of the things I noticed about the baseball photos was that Sheriff Euda Delcambre would pose with all the kids in their pictures.  I don't know if the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office sponsored the teams, or if Sheriff Delcambre was just carrying on a tradition that has its roots in some early Cajun practice, but I can't help but think he had to be hot in all them clothes!!  HA!!

I am guessing that the uniforms hadn't come in yet for these guys... (Photo by Nodily J. Faulk)

This group was a few years older than me, so I don't recognize many.  Kenny or Kerney is 3rd from left.  Clint Dugas fourth from right.  Mr Girard standing next to Sheriff Delcambre.  My brother Sam Falcon kneeling on left.

Here are a few of the other photos from that same pile of pictures found in mom and dad's house.

(Photo by Nodily J. Faulk)

In the photo above, I recognize Sheriff Delcambre, Clint Dugas, Louis Dryer(24?), Daniel Girard (10?), Dwayne Stelly (16), Maury Delino (19), my brother Billy Falcon (12), Ken Dugas (23), Joey Duhon (18), and Kevin Delino (15).  Forgive me if I got any of them wrong, it's been a long time!

My dad, Clifford Falcon, was one of the coaches for this team. (Photo by Nodily J. Faulk)

That's my dad in the photo above, standing on the far left, next to Clint Dugas.  My brother Jim (23).  Tony Romero (20), Ken Dugas (58), and Billy Falcon (13).

This final picture is (I think) from 1976.

My hat was almost wider than my shoulders in this one! (Photo by Nodily J. Faulk)

I don't recognize the coaches, but I was graced with #36 again that year.  Chuck Hebert (51), Bryant McKneely (49), Curt Girard (38?), Todd Vincent (30), Shane Bodin (?35), Michael Duhon (31), Brady Mouton (25) and Jeremy Brasseaux (48).

Whew!  My head hurts from trying to remember names.  Again, if you recognize anyone, feel free to leave a comment!

Go Cougars!!