CJ from the KTDY morning show teamed up with Hannah from the Hannah And Kaylee Show on Youtube for an outdoor makeover during the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Convention Center this past weekend.

"Hannah and Kaylee are my favs right now.  I love 'um.  I was on my way to the Convention Center when I  received a text that Hannah was there.  I couldn't get there fast enough," said CJ.

Hannah and Kaylee are from Monroe, Louisiana and have become popular enough on Youtube to have their own line of clothing, jewelery and accessories.  They shoot their videos on a phone.  Hannah said, "My car doesn't even have air conditioning, we are poor."  She likes hunting and she and Kaylee love to take trips to New Orleans.

"Meeting Hannah was just as exciting as meeting a big celeb, honestly it was.  I was actually nervous," said CJ.  "She is so pretty, sweet and funny."

This video was off the cuff, there was only one take and even though there was a lot of distractions all around, Hannah still managed to stay in character and stay funny!