There's a new breed of thieves invading beauty salons coast to coast in search of human hair.  At one salon in Houston, $150,000 worth of top quality human hair used for extensions was stolen.

During the past couple of months, hair heists have been carried out nationwide resulting in thefts of human hair totalling several thousands of dollars.

In Michigan, robbers actually murdered a beauty shop supplier in their quest for human locks of hair. 

Police and many shop owners say the thieves know exactly what they want and how to get it.  They don't touch the synthetic hair, they only go after the real stuff. The stolen hair is later typically sold on the street or on the internet, even on  eBay.

Law enforcement agencies are baffled by the sudden increase in high grade human hair thefts. They say the fact that violence has accompanied some of the crimes is even more disturbing. 

Many law enforcement officials say they were previously unaware of the trend but they are now paying more attention to this growing problem of hair extension thievery.