It's always good to see other parts of the country singing praises about Acadiana, and this article in the New York Daily News does just that.

In Louisiana, food is like fingerprints: No two gumbos, bread puddings, or étouffées (a thick stew usually served with shellfish over rice) are alike.

Alex Palmer flew into New Orleans and then traveled by car to Lake Charles, and then round-tripped it back to New Orleans.   In the article, he takes time to stop at places that some people may not give a second look, like Suire's Grocery in Forked Island and the Seafood Palace in Lake Charles.  He made a visit to Palmetto Island State Park, the Tabasco plant, and he even stopped in at Shucks! in Abbeville.

If you prefer something a bit more upscale, but still wallet-friendly, Shucks! The Louisiana Seafood House ( offers delicious seafood, and as the name implies, its local oysters — raw or charbroiled — are a highlight.

The story paints a wonderful picture of Acadiana, and can serve as a great 'guide' for locals who haven't tried everything in our own back yard.

It's safe to say that Alex Palmer would probably wear the badge of "Honorary Cajun" with pride!